Friday, October 2, 2009

home school.

Classroom (student acting a little creepy...breating like a dragon - talking to a student adjacent to her...)

Dragon Girl : I'm going to cut your backpack and drink the yellow blood.

Normal Girl : Ummm....Okay?

Dragon Girl : Then I might wrap the bananas around your bones... (voice gets a little more high pitched and quivers a bit)

Normal Girl : (raises hand and is called on by teacher - just as confused as the students) Um...Teacher...I think she needs to be home schooled.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

you can't touch this...


Student : Hey, Kevin.

Teacher : Don't call me by my first name.

Student : Alright, Kevin.

Teacher : (hint of sarcasm) You call me that one more time, I'll punch you right in the face.

Student You can do that...that's adultery!

Friday, March 20, 2009

nerd fight.

Bathroom (in stall...dropping some friends off by the pool)

Band Geek 1 : Man, that concert was awesome! It's a good thing we trombones were there. We totally rocked!

Band Geek 2 : Yeah, but the trumpets sounded a lot better than the trombones.

Band Geek 1 : No...trombones! (voices starting to raise and quiver a bit)

Band Geek 2 : Trumpets!

Band Geed 1 : TROMBONES!

Band Geek 2 : TRUMPETS!

(scuffle...scuffle...Band Geek #1 slams into the stall door)

Me : HEY!

Band Geek 1&2 (in unison) : Oh Crap!

Unidentified Band Geek : It's a teacher! Let's get outta here!