Friday, March 20, 2009

nerd fight.

Bathroom (in stall...dropping some friends off by the pool)

Band Geek 1 : Man, that concert was awesome! It's a good thing we trombones were there. We totally rocked!

Band Geek 2 : Yeah, but the trumpets sounded a lot better than the trombones.

Band Geek 1 : No...trombones! (voices starting to raise and quiver a bit)

Band Geek 2 : Trumpets!

Band Geed 1 : TROMBONES!

Band Geek 2 : TRUMPETS!

(scuffle...scuffle...Band Geek #1 slams into the stall door)

Me : HEY!

Band Geek 1&2 (in unison) : Oh Crap!

Unidentified Band Geek : It's a teacher! Let's get outta here!

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